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Inactivity Cut

If you are looking at this and noticed that you don't see any challenges and don't have access to your team, I'm sorry to inform you but you have been removed for not participating at all since the phase began.

If you'd like to re-apply, you can do so: HERE.
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Phase 6 Has Begun

Phase 6 has finally begun. I have posted two challenges so far. If you ever want to check out which challenges are open, THIS is the place to look. For the most part, I keep it up to date with new challenges and when they are ending. Also, like last phase, a new challenge will be posted every second day. So be on the look out for new challenges. I'm hoping to get a range of challenges this phase. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy them. :D

- If you have any questions that don't pertain to a specific challenge, ask it HERE and I'll give you an answer.

- If you're going on holidays or will be busy for a little while, comment HERE and take a Hiatus.

- If you have a challenge idea that you think would be fun, suggest it HERE and if I use it, you'll get 5 additional points for that challenge.

- If you ever feel that you can't participate anymore and would like to leave, comment HERE and I will remove you. However, you can always come back.

- If you'd like to help me out by making different types of art for me, or tallying, comment HERE and I'll add you to theartmakers.

- Here is the PHASE 6 SPREADSHEET, check out who's on your team. Also, I have added a new element to the Members page that will track the Top Members points. You'll be able to see who has the top points throughout the phase.
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Phase 6 Dates

Hello everyone, I'm sure you've all been wondering exactly when Phase 6 is going to begin. Well I'm here to tell you that I have decided on a date. I still haven't figured out specifics but I figure that unless I have a starting date, I'm not going to get my butt in gear to start planning. So without further ado. Phase 6 will begin on:


Now typically, as most of you know, phases here are usually only 3 months. That's due to the fact that longer than 3 months always feels like it's dragging on so I usually try to stick with the 3 month mark. However, this would make the phase end on December 1. If the phase ends on December 1 then there would be no Secret Santa and I'm almost 100% sure that most of you would like a Secret Santa... So instead of ending the phase on December 1, I'm going to make it go to December 30th. This way, we get to do a Secret Santa and it doesn't interfere with New Year's Eve/Day. I'm already planning on another new way to do the Secret Santa so hopefully you all like it. :D

So mark it on your calendars that two weeks from today, the new phase will begin.


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Apply For A Team

Did someone direct you to this community? Say, "Hey, I think you'd like Land of Art". Or maybe you found it yourself. You were surfing Livejournal and maybe saw someone's post and wanted to check it out. Well you've come to the right place.

Land of Art is a community that has no specific fandom.

Unlike most challenge communities, you are stuck with a certain fandom or genre. Here, you can use any fandom, celebrity, stock, video game, movie, tv show, you name it, you can use it. As long as the challenge permits that you can use anything, most of them do. Some of them are specific but it's very rare. The only thing that we make specific is the type of Art you can make. Our focus for challenges are on art, we do not do fanfiction. So if you can't write, but like to make art, this is the place for you.

We have four teams: Team Gothic, Team Pop Art, Team Renaissance, and Team Steampunk. The team name, is just a name, you do not need to theme your sigtags or icons to the team name. You can use anything for them.

So if this is something that you would like to be apart of, join our community and join in with all the fun.

nora gainsbrough #1


nora gainsbrough #1


If you can not see this post, it means you were cut today for inactivity. You either didn't take a hiatus, let me know you'd start taking part, or anything else and haven't done anything the past two weeks. You are more than welcome to re-join. You'd keep all your old points (if you had any and if you get on the same time). You have to use the application post all over again though.

Are you watching this community, but are not yet a member?

Please sign up! Read the rules and faq here and apply for a team here.

Almost all posts are 'members only' so you need to be a member to see them and to participate in our challenges.
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• If you need to contact a mod for any reason, this is the place to do it. Any comments, questions, or concerns are welcomed here. Comments are screened (some are unscreened if they aren't private and are questions that others may be interested in hearing an answer for too).

HIATUS: If you want to go away for LONGER than 2 weeks, you're in danger of being cut from the comm. So please let me or your know so we don't cut you.

LEAVING: If you want to leave the comm, it would be very helpful if you let us know.