Jenni (sgafirenity) wrote in landofart,

[RESULTS] Challenge 6 - Lead to a Win

 photo zKfQVNT_zps8simiuit.png

WOW!!! Almost 100% participation across all teams. That's crazy to me. Congratulations everyone!

Challenge 6 - Lead to a Win

Team Pop Art = 671 points - 12 of 13 Members Participated
Team Renaissance = 540 points - 10 of 10 Members Participated
Team Steampunk = 702 points - 12 of 12 Members Participated

Overall Standings
1st - Team Steampunk - 3,104 points
2nd - Team Pop Art - 2,625 points
3rd - Team Renaissance - 1,885 points
Tags: !challenge06, + results

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