Jenni (sgafirenity) wrote in landofart,

Phase 12 Announcement

Good Day Everyone,

I know it's been forever since I posted anything on this community. I have been super busy. My work had me training someone since February 10, I think it was. It was incredibly draining so it didn't leave much time to think about when to start Phase 12, let alone try and plan anything. However, training is over now and I've figured out when this phase will begin. Mark it down on your calendars:


Yes, I promise you this is not an April Fools Day Joke. That'd be pretty mean I think. Especially being that Phase 11 ended in January. Usually gaps between phases don't last this long, work just took over my life. I realize it's right around the corner but I honestly don't see why I can't start it so quickly. There will be new posts going up in the next day or so of new additions for getting golden tickets so please keep your eyes open.

If you asked to be moved to the new Team Pop Art, keep a close eye on your email, as you'll be getting a notification to join the team. If you're username is listed HERE, you will be moved.

The challenges will be random, no theme this phase minus the few remaining from the Alphabet phase last phase that will get posted at the beginning of this phase.

I hope to see all of you next phase. If there are any questions, concerns, etc, leave a comment below. :)
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