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Phase 11 Welcome

Hello Everyone,

Today marks the beginning of Phase 11. As previously stated, this phase will bring us back to what Land of Art once was with the many challenges it will include. The only difference is that this phase will be themed to the Alphabet. Each challenge, will order letter to letter, minus the pre-challenges.

I've just posted a new 'Request It'. It's in the sidebar. I've kept the Phase 10 one, so please ensure you click and comment on the right one. I'll keep it in the sidebar for about a month and then remove it so that anyone that needs to claim their art can do so, if you haven't already. Please Note: When selecting a 'type of art' to be created for you, I will not accept ANY. If I see it, I'll be screening your comment until it's changed. Unfortunately, 'Any' actually limits a creator because anything minus sigtags or icons, require dimensions so if you want something more than those two, you must indicate a dimension.

In regards to Inactivity, I'll be tracking when I tally challenges. In each sixteen day period, there will be 4-8 challenges posted in that period so if someone cannot create art for at least one of those, you will be removed for inactivity. Obviously, more participation is better but I don't think it's much of a stretch to ask for participation with the number of challenges posted in that time period.

There will be 2-5 challenges posted on a weekly basis. For those of you going for 100%, good luck. :)

Let's have a great phase, everyone. :)

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