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Phase 10 Welcome!

Welcome back Members!

In just a few moments, I'll be posting the first couple challenges for this phase. This phase will run from April 10, 2018 to July 10, 2018. But first, just a few reminders and helpful posts just in case you've forgotten, or are new to the community.

First and foremost, this is an art community. All challenges will have art as the focus. So if you've joined this community expecting there to be writing challenges, you are in the wrong place. The most you'll ever have to write is maybe a Typography challenge, or writing down songs for a Fanmix, or words placed within art themselves.

Most Important Links (All Found in the sidebar)
Frequently Asked Questions - Request it will get posted soon I'm just trying to finalize details for it. All other FAQ are correct.
Ask A Question - If there is something community-wise or non-challenge oriented, you can either ask it here or send me a PM. All comments in this post are screened.
Opt Out - If you ever want to leave the community, comment here and I'll remove you.
Take A Hiatus - If you are going on holidays or something has come up that will prevent you from participating, comment here so I can put your on hiatus. Otherwise you could be in danger of being cut.
Open Challenges - I keep track of all challenges in this post. It is also pinned to the top of Land Of Art.
Points Spreadsheet - Finally, the points spreadsheet. Where you can keep track of your points, activity and current challenges.

The points spreadsheet, is where I'll be tracking inactivity. It's right there for all to see, you will be able to see very clearly if you are active or not. Inactivity is tracked in 16 day increments because of my work schedule. I work 4 days on/4 days off so my days off change week to week making a 14 day period impossible for me. I've listed all periods there should be activity. This means, you need to participate a minimum of once per sixteen day period. However, more is better, this is a competition after all. I receive an email every time anyone comments on anything so I'll be able to track activity very easily.

Note: This is sixteen days period. There will be no, PMing after to determine a reason thus giving more time. This is, sixteen days, cut. Those cut, can still re-apply but there will be no 'questions' period. Either myself or the mods will try to keep up with whose inactive and send out PMs but the fact is we all have lives outside of Land of Art and can't be expected to keep up with everyone.

Request it will be posted hopefully soon, I'm just finalizing details in it.

That is all. Keep watch, challenges are coming your way. :)

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