Jenni (sgafirenity) wrote in landofart,

Phase #10

Hello Everyone,

I thought I’d put out a post to officially announce the date Phase 10 will begin. It will either be Saturday March 17 or Sunday March 18. The reason I cannot give an exact date is because I am switching my sleep schedule from nights to days from March 15-18 and I’m not sure which will work as of right now. So keep watch on those days.

On another note, in the next couple days, I’ll be posting a kinda sorta challenge. (For those looking at this that are not members, you’ll have to join first.) I say kinda sorta because it’ll be a post that will set up a challenge within the phase. You may not get any points for it but the challenge itself will provide a ton of points... If luck is on your side. For those of you that were apart of the community prior to phase 9, you will recognize the name. It’ll be a “Hide and Seek” challenge. This one specifically will be about characters. I’ve even figured out a way to make it even more interesting than before. So I thought I’d put out a post so that all of you can figure out what characters you want to be in this challenge because yes, the characters will be selected by you the members, not me. Keep in mind that if you are late to the party, that you will have to choose characters that others have not claimed. So don’t go into the post bent on certain characters just in case you cannot claim them.

You can literally choose any characters: tv shows, movies, animation, video games, comics, whatever. As long as it’s not a reality show. You will have to write the character name, the fandom it’s from and at least one picture of said character. There is no limit on what you can do, if you want to claim a character per different fandoms, awesome, you want to select a bunch from one fandom, whatever. If you guys want to discuss it amongst your teams, or try and get everyone involved, go for it. Cancelled, current, new, you can use it. As long as it’s not spoilerish.

Think about it. I’ll be posting it soonish. See you next phase.

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