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Land of Art Phase #9

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Hello Members,

I am really close to getting this community up and running. For those of you that have put out 'promotions,' just know that I have removed the 'Anybody Out There?' post so I suggest going back and editing it to the apply to team post. I have left the 'It's Your Choice' for now as I added the remainder of the people requesting teams. However, the comments are locked so no one will be able to comment anymore. The only way someone is getting onto this community is if they apply.

There are a few members that have not accepted membership to their teams/the art show, to which I have sent PM's too.

I suspect the phase will begin possibly in the next day or two, if not then definitely next week. So get your art programs ready, find screencaps to things you like because the phase is about to begin.

We have an even number of members per teams right now. You will see that my username is on both teams, that is because I will add my points to the losing team for each challenge. If you are on team_punk, angelus2hot has just recently posted a bunch of posts for anyone to view. Even an 'introduce yourself.' cookielaura is the mod for team_ren. I haven't seen any posts for that community yet but I'm sure they'll get on it.

SO if you aren't tracking your team or Land of Art, I suggest you do so. Wouldn't want any of you to miss anything. :)
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