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Participation Policy Reminder

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Hello members of Land of Art, I just want to remind you that we have a policy of participation in which each member must participate a minimum of one challenge per two weeks. Obviously more participation is better but if you don't want to be cut, you must participate at least once per two weeks.

As of yesterday, I removed all of the inactive members. Each member currently on the list should have some kind of points except those that are incredibly new or were on hiatus during the inactivity check. If you are looking at this page and wondering why you can't see the challenges, you have been removed due to inactivity. If you would like to reapply, you can do so HERE or click on the link in the sidebar or under the header.

No matter how much you contribute, it's counts as participation. Whether you are amongst the members aiming for 100% participation or just want to make one or two things here and there. All of it counts. As long as it is within two weeks you are good to go. The only thing I do not count is voting because I have found in the past that members would wait for a voting challenge so that they didn't need to make art. This is an art community, participation comes from making art not voting.

You guys have until about Tuesday December 16th to participation at least once to keep yourself safe.

Any questions? Let me know in the questions.
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