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Welcome to Phase 7...

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Hey guys, since I am working Evening shifts (3-11pm) at my job right now because we're so low staff, I thought I would not only post a couple of challenges now that we're literally minutes into phase 7 but I would also post a welcome post. I don't typically do this because... well I usually forget... so I thought I'd do it this time around.

This is the alphabetical phase. Within minutes of me posting this, I'll be posting Request it All, Work at Your Own Pace and Hide and Seek Movies. Starting next week, I will be posting 3 challenges per week. The Hide and Seek challenges don't count in this counting because they run every 4-5 days.

As of this point, the one challenge per two weeks is a go. However, because challenges won't be ending for at least two weeks (minus the Hide and Seek challenge) or more, I'm giving you until March 24th to complete something. Otherwise you will be in danger of being cut from the community. After this date, it will be running every two weeks.

Let the competition begin. Let's have some fun too.

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