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What to Expect in Phase 7...

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Can you believe that I have been running Land of art since Phase 3? I can hardly believe that we going to beginning Phase 7. It blows my mind. Anyways, I have made some changes for Phase 7. Certain things that benefit me better and hopefully will benefit you as well.


For the first time ever, Land of Art is trying something new. Phase 7 is going to have a theme to it, specifically an Alphabet theme. For those of that are feeling a little skeptical about the idea, let me be the one to tell you that I could have done it without even telling you guys. That's how much you wouldn't notice. I mean obviously now that you guys know, it'll be very clear that we're doing an alphabet phase but I'm just saying I could have done it without telling you guys. There definitely won't be any big change with the challenges. They will still be very similar to the ones we already have.

This is how it will work, there will be 26 challenges plus the two Hide and Seek challenges, Work at Your Own Pace, The Sigtag/Team icon challenge and Promotion. There may be one more beginning challenge, I just haven't decided yet. There will be a challenge specific to the letter A, B, C, D and so on. I think it should be interesting.

Any Questions? Ask in the comments.


This is a community where you, the members, have the opportunity to make additional art (for points) that is for Land of Art in some way. If you would like to join, click HERE and comment on the post. Most of the time I'll ask for challenge headers, other times it could be banners. It all depends on what I'm looking for.

For this phase, I am going to be testing out the idea of pre-writing ALL THE CHALLENGES for Phase 7 before it begins. So over the next little while I will definitely be putting up posts on the art makers to request headers. If you would like to help. You know where to go. I'm doing this because even though in the beginning of phases I tend to post challenges at the right time, typically I will slack at some point. So if I have all the challenges, this will never happen. I mean obviously, I can't pre-write all of the Hide and Seek challenges but all of the others will be good to go.

Any Questions? Let me know.


I have decided to change when challenges will be ending from now on. The change is coming from the fact that my work schedule changed before this last phase. I found that if I wanted to tally or re-post the Hide and Seek challenge, I wouldn't do it until the next day after work. From Phase 3 to Phase 5, I was working 3pm-11pm so having a challenge end at 11:59:59pm was perfect because by the time I got on my laptop I could tally/re-post. However, now that my schedule changed to Noon-8pm, I typically won't be on my computer at midnight when a challenge ends, I won't get to it until the day after. So, from now on, the challenges will be ending a Noon MST or 12:01pm just in case you get confused as to whether it's midnight (12:01am) or not.

Some of you are probably thinking "this sucks, now we have 12 hours less to complete challenges!" That's not how it is. Typically, I will give you two weeks to complete a challenge. Sometimes less if I think it's less work or more if it's a lot of work. So think of it like this: Let's say I posted a challenge today Thursday January 2, before you would get until Thursday January 16 at 11:59pm, from now on, you would get until Friday January 17 at 12:01pm (Noon). Meaning you'll always get 2 weeks + 12 hours. This works better for me because I typically don't get on my laptop on my days off until after Noon anyway. Hopefully this doesn't affect you guys too much.

Any Questions? Let Me Know.


Just in case you missed it, from now on Golden Tickets will stick around until you use it. Meaning that you won't have to use all the ones you have in one phase. It will last until you use it. If you're not sure you have some, check out the spreadsheet.


That's it until Phase 7. I'm not sure when the phase will begin. Probably some time after I write up all the challenges. So keep a look out for when there is a post indicating the start date.

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