June 12th, 2019

MOD Melanie

[PHASE12] Challenge 4 - Poppin' Fun Voting

 photo Ch4 Poppin Fun_zpsn1p0excv.jpg

- This is the voting challenge for Poppin' Fun. I know, it's a little late but I just hate setting up votings so it takes me ages to get motivation to do it.
- Winning Banners will operate differently this time, I am looking for any volunteers to help when I tally the challenge. If you are interested, note in your submission. It'll be a first come first serve, and depending on the number of those who want to volunteer, will determine how many you could get. Keep in mind though, that there are ALWAYS ties so if I give you say 1st place Fandom, you might have to make multiple.

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THURSDAY JUN 20 at MIDNIGHT (mountain time)