February 22nd, 2014

MOD Melanie


Hello everybody. Have you been itching to start the new phase of Land of Art? Have you been wondering what's been going on in my world to hinder the arrival of Land of Art for almost two whole months? Ahh... that is a while. Well, I didn't have a laptop for about a month of that time so that was one major issue. Also, I've been in the process of writing up all 31 challenges for Phase 7. Psst... I haven't actually completed them all yet but hopefully I can get most of them complete before the phase begins. That's right 31 challenges. I can guarantee that there will be that many challenges.

For those of you that are new or maybe have forgotten what Phase 7 was going to be. For the first time ever in Land of Art history, well at least since I took over in Phase 3, we are going to try out a themed phase. So please, if you like it please voice it throughout the phase and especially in the end of phase questionnaire. It's an Alphabetical Phase + 5 additional challenges. So there will be 26 challenges specific to each letter plus the two Hide and Seek challenges, Work at Your Own Pace, Request it all and Promotion. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy it.

New thing of Phase 7 -- Golden Tickets will last forever from now on. You won't have to use them in each phase. Once you have them, you can use them whenever you'd like. Whether that's in this phase or the next or the next, etc. You don't have any idea what a Golden Ticket is, check it out: HERE. Your Golden Tickets are HERE.

Keep in mind, the activity on this community will be going back to "one challenge per every two weeks" instead of "two challenges per month". You will be in danger of being cut if you do not complete at least one challenge per every two weeks. The first cut will occur one month after the start date that way you guys have time to complete at least one challenge before that moment. I mean obvious doing more challenges is way better but if your kind of short on time, you must complete at least one challenge per two weeks, otherwise you will get a PM from one of your team mods indicating you need to participate. The mods and I have a new plan to stay on top of who is being active so we'll definitely be able to keep up on the "one challenge per two weeks".

Check out your new Teams: Phase 7 Spreadsheet [I forgot to change the setting like usual but I changed it so now anyone can access it]. Or look below the cut. Just in case it was forgotten, starting this phase, I will be joining one team and one team alone. My points go to that team and only that team. Instead of my points going to the team that has the least amount of points. It wasn't really an incentive to want to complete challenges if you know what I mean. This phase I'm starting with Team Pop Art because they've been having issues with participation. Next phase, I'll be on another team and so on.

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Without further ado, the phase will begin:

One more thing, I can post two challenges before the phase even begins or I can wait. I'm leaving the decision up to you guys. It would be the Promotion and Request it challenge. Both are more so beginning challenges anyway so I don't see why they couldn't be posted a week early. As I said it's up to you guys. If by Monday Feb 24 at 9pm MST, you guys want the challenges, I'll post them, if not I'll hold off until March 3rd. Please Vote below.

Would you like Promotion and Request It posted early or not?

Yes I want the challenges ASAP
No, I'd rather wait

Excited for Phase 7??