Jenni (sgafirenity) wrote in landofart,

Phase 6 Has Begun

Phase 6 has finally begun. I have posted two challenges so far. If you ever want to check out which challenges are open, THIS is the place to look. For the most part, I keep it up to date with new challenges and when they are ending. Also, like last phase, a new challenge will be posted every second day. So be on the look out for new challenges. I'm hoping to get a range of challenges this phase. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy them. :D

- If you have any questions that don't pertain to a specific challenge, ask it HERE and I'll give you an answer.

- If you're going on holidays or will be busy for a little while, comment HERE and take a Hiatus.

- If you have a challenge idea that you think would be fun, suggest it HERE and if I use it, you'll get 5 additional points for that challenge.

- If you ever feel that you can't participate anymore and would like to leave, comment HERE and I will remove you. However, you can always come back.

- If you'd like to help me out by making different types of art for me, or tallying, comment HERE and I'll add you to theartmakers.

- Here is the PHASE 6 SPREADSHEET, check out who's on your team. Also, I have added a new element to the Members page that will track the Top Members points. You'll be able to see who has the top points throughout the phase.
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