Jenni (sgafirenity) wrote in landofart,

Phase 6 Dates

Hello everyone, I'm sure you've all been wondering exactly when Phase 6 is going to begin. Well I'm here to tell you that I have decided on a date. I still haven't figured out specifics but I figure that unless I have a starting date, I'm not going to get my butt in gear to start planning. So without further ado. Phase 6 will begin on:


Now typically, as most of you know, phases here are usually only 3 months. That's due to the fact that longer than 3 months always feels like it's dragging on so I usually try to stick with the 3 month mark. However, this would make the phase end on December 1. If the phase ends on December 1 then there would be no Secret Santa and I'm almost 100% sure that most of you would like a Secret Santa... So instead of ending the phase on December 1, I'm going to make it go to December 30th. This way, we get to do a Secret Santa and it doesn't interfere with New Year's Eve/Day. I'm already planning on another new way to do the Secret Santa so hopefully you all like it. :D

So mark it on your calendars that two weeks from today, the new phase will begin.


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