MOD Rita

Phase 14 Announcement

Hello Members,

Due to popular demand, I will be keeping three teams for the community. However, I just want to make it very clear that with the numbers, there won't be much of a competition anymore. Unfortunately, livejournal has become a site that people just don't want to visit as much. Which is a shame because the art that has spawned from this site has been incredible.
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MOD Rita

Inactive Members Cut

Good Day,

If your username is listed below, and cannot access Land of Art, it is because you have been removed due to inactivity. However, this does not mean that you cannot re-apply. If you ever become less busy and can participate on a regular basis, at least one challenge per sixteen days, then feel free to re-apply. Otherwise, this is just a post to indicate that you have been removed.

Team Pop Art

Team Renaissance

Team Steampunk

In the rare case, that I removed you in error, please let me know and I'll re-add you but either myself or the mods have gone through the challenges and this list should be pretty accurate.
MOD Irisa

Phase 13 Announcement

Hello Members,

As an official announcement, Phase 13 will be beginning on Friday August 30th. This means that the phase will run from August 30th - November 30th.

I've put out a post to make suggestions for Hide & Seek Phase 13, but I will be putting out additional extra posts for the coming phase. So keep your eyes peeled if you want to contribute to those. Also, I'll be creating a new 'Request It' post for Phase 13 in the next couple of weeks so if you haven't collected your art on Phase 12's, please do so soon. :D I'll probably leave it in the sidebar for a while, just make a note please.

If you think that you won't be able to participate during those months, or if you will be on holidays during some of them, please commente HERE. If you need to opt out, you are more than welcome to return when you can participate. If you will be away, or are having some technical difficulties, let us mods know there as well that you need to be on hiatus so you are not cut or inactivity.

Check out the list of Graphics HERE and let me know if there is anything I can add to it whether it be specific dimensions for things, or graphics you think should be added. Thank you. :D

Any questions, let me know. :D
MOD Rita

[PHASE12] Challenge 4 - Poppin' Fun Voting

 photo Ch4 Poppin Fun_zpsn1p0excv.jpg

- This is the voting challenge for Poppin' Fun. I know, it's a little late but I just hate setting up votings so it takes me ages to get motivation to do it.
- Winning Banners will operate differently this time, I am looking for any volunteers to help when I tally the challenge. If you are interested, note in your submission. It'll be a first come first serve, and depending on the number of those who want to volunteer, will determine how many you could get. Keep in mind though, that there are ALWAYS ties so if I give you say 1st place Fandom, you might have to make multiple.

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THURSDAY JUN 20 at MIDNIGHT (mountain time)

MOD Rita

[RESULTS] Challenge 6 - Lead to a Win

 photo zKfQVNT_zps8simiuit.png

WOW!!! Almost 100% participation across all teams. That's crazy to me. Congratulations everyone!

Challenge 6 - Lead to a Win

Team Pop Art = 671 points - 12 of 13 Members Participated
Team Renaissance = 540 points - 10 of 10 Members Participated
Team Steampunk = 702 points - 12 of 12 Members Participated

Overall Standings
1st - Team Steampunk - 3,104 points
2nd - Team Pop Art - 2,625 points
3rd - Team Renaissance - 1,885 points
MOD Rita

[PHASE12] Challenge 10 - May the 4th Be With You (Part 1)

 photo May the 4th be with you_zpsjitevfgj.jpg

- Can't have a phase that goes past May 4th without a Star Wars challenge, can we? No.
- This is a two part challenge. In part one, I want you to submit a screencap from one of the star wars movies, a texture and a font. In part two, members will have to use a minumum of one of each category to make a piece of art.
- What you submit will not be what you use and what you submit will not have to be used together. So do not make your decisions based on what will look good together.
- There cannot be duplicates, so look before you post.

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SATURDAY MAY 11th at MIDNIGHT (mountain time)

MOD Rita

Phase 12 Announcement

Good Day Everyone,

I know it's been forever since I posted anything on this community. I have been super busy. My work had me training someone since February 10, I think it was. It was incredibly draining so it didn't leave much time to think about when to start Phase 12, let alone try and plan anything. However, training is over now and I've figured out when this phase will begin. Mark it down on your calendars:


Yes, I promise you this is not an April Fools Day Joke. That'd be pretty mean I think. Especially being that Phase 11 ended in January. Usually gaps between phases don't last this long, work just took over my life. I realize it's right around the corner but I honestly don't see why I can't start it so quickly. There will be new posts going up in the next day or so of new additions for getting golden tickets so please keep your eyes open.

If you asked to be moved to the new Team Pop Art, keep a close eye on your email, as you'll be getting a notification to join the team. If you're username is listed HERE, you will be moved.

The challenges will be random, no theme this phase minus the few remaining from the Alphabet phase last phase that will get posted at the beginning of this phase.

I hope to see all of you next phase. If there are any questions, concerns, etc, leave a comment below. :)